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10 Signboard Design Tips For Your Business

Having an efficient signboard design is a key aspect in business as it helps promote your product and builds customer awareness to ensure your sales and earn profit. 

A signboard or signage is any visual graphics that are developed to present information to a specific audience, usually made from various materials such as aluminium, acrylics and so on.

Signage is a very prominent advertising strategy in the business industry and is an important element of everyday living in today’s modern world.

In this article, we will suggest to you 10 signboard design tips for your business to help advertise your products and services in order to gain more customers and increase your sales.

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10 Signboard Design Tips 

  1. Attractive signage colours
signboard design

According to studies, colours account for roughly 80% of brand awareness. Many businesses can be recognized just by their trademark colour. 

Applying a colour that is authentic and unique to your brand in your signboard can help convey your brand’s identity to potential customers.

The colours chosen should also be captivating, trendy and vivid in order to attract more attention from the public. A dull colour choice may cause your signage to be overlooked and unnoticed.

You could also opt for combinations such as a dominant colour with appropriate contrasts and highlights against a lighter shade, or a lighter letter colour against a darker background.

  1. Taglines and catchy phrases to attract customers

Choosing the right words to use in your advertisement is very important. Many brands are notorious for their taglines and having one to promote your business will be very helpful.

The use of appropriate and clear wordings that represent the precise information of your product will help greatly in reaching a wider audience. Your information should also be kept simple.

You could also make an appealing signpost using the industry signage formula: a suitable headline, textual information, and a captivating Call to Action (CTA). 

  1. Choice of font
signboard design

The choice of fonts on your signage determines how well your customers will be able to read the information regarding your product.

The chosen font should complement the images and colour scheme in order to help customers read faster without any difficulties even from a large distance away.

Serif, Sans Serif, Helvetica, and Display fonts are some of the most commonly used fonts in design that you can consider for your signboard design.

  1. Interesting graphics and images

The next tip to creating an efficient signboard for your business is to add interesting graphics and images as they help make the signs more eye-catching, appealing and memorable.

According to studies, adding a digitised photo on your signage can boost the customer’s recollection of the signage by 300 percent if the graphic is appealing.

You should consider adding your business logo and other visual illustrations and artworks to enhance your signage and appeal to customers better. 

  1. Visibility of signage

Your signage should be visible and comprehensible to your customers in order to ensure that they understand what the advertised product is all about.

On average, a customer will only read a signboard for less than 5 seconds. Therefore, it is crucial that the information regarding the product is clear, concise and readable within the time frame.

Aside from that, as a general rule, by every 10 feet of distance, the letters on the signage should also be at least one foot tall to ensure that customers are able to read your signage from afar.

  1. Include your brand’s identity

It is crucial for your signboard to convey a distinct representation of your brand to help emphasize your business and stand out in the booming industry filled with many competitors.

Having a unique tagline, colour or brand logo can help set your business apart from the others and creates a larger impact on customers.

You should also do research on your competitors and analyse their products and services so that you can avoid doing the same thing they did and maintain your brand’s unique identity.

  1. The ideal location of signboard 

First, it is important to know where to place your signboard as there are a few procedures you are required to go through in order to place it such as zoning and lease verification.

It is also vital to ensure that the design of the advertisement is suitable with the location of the signage before deciding on its placement.

This is because different locations have different crowds of potential customers. Therefore, you should carefully choose the location according to your target market. 

  • A signage at a point of sale should have bold and appealing words that will attract big crowds and must focus on what the sale is about.
  • A signage at a point of wait should have a much longer description and unique texts and graphics in order to divert the customer’s attention from the tedious queuing lines.
  • A signage at a point of transit must be effective, concise and easy to read as this area is commonly known with people who are rushing from one place to another.
  1. Material of signage

Another tip is to choose the most suitable material for your signage. Try to avoid uneven and rough materials if you want to create beautiful signages as they are difficult to paint and print on.

Some of the best materials used for signages include aluminium, neon lights, wood, acrylics and so on. You should also choose the material according to your budget as they vary in prices.

Another important aspect to keep in mind when deciding on a signage material is its quality. A good signage should be strong and durable so that it can last for a long period of time.

  1. Update the signage on a regular basis

It is crucial to update your signboard from time to time as maintaining the same signboard design for an extended period of time can cause people to lose interest in it.

You can add a few alterations and adjustments to your existing signage rather than changing it entirely as that can be exhausting and costly.

Changing the colour scheme or altering the layout are some of the few modifications you could do to help keep your signage fresh and attractive to customers.  

  1. Remove signage obstacles

The last tip is to remove all obstacles that may block or hide the signboard. These obstacles could be tree branches, electrical wiring and even lights shone on the signage that are too bright.

It would be such a waste of time, energy and money to create a signaboard for your business that is attractive but is blocked out from view. 

Therefore, you should make sure to place the signage in areas where they will be seen easily and have less objects in their way. Your signage should also have a strong and clear line of sight.

In conclusion, there are plenty of efficient signboard design tips for your business that you can follow.

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