6 Tips On How To Create An Effective Signboard

A signboard, also known as signage, is any visual graphics created to deliver information to a target audience and is typically composed of materials such as aluminium, acrylics, and so forth.

Advertising through signage is one of the most popular marketing strategies used by businesses to promote their services and products. 

Efficient signage advertisements aids in the promotion of your product and helps develop client awareness in order to increase sales and profits.

In this article, we will suggest to you 6 tips on how to create an effective signboard and its importance for your business to help promote your products and services to the public.

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The Importance Of A Good Signboard For Your Business


A good quality signage designed with the right colours and graphics is able to attract customers’ attention to the advertised product and service alongside promoting your brand creativity.

This quality signage can also add to the overall aesthetic appeal of the location and its surroundings. This can be seen in places such as restaurants. 

For example, custom wall murals printed digitally can brighten up a drab room, strengthen your branding, and even showcase your company’s history.

Most importantly, good signage is able to give subtle but significant communication cues to your current and potential customers, raise brand awareness and help you generate a sale.

6 Tips For Your Business

  1. Combinations of colours and their readability

One of the most important things to do is to choose the correct colour combination for your signage as it plays an important role in ensuring that customers are able to see your message clearly.

It has been proven by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) that the human eye is able to clearly see and read signage with a few colour combinations which are:

  • white on green
  • green on white
  • blue on yellow
  • yellow on black
  • black on yellow
  • white on blue
  • black on white
  • red on yellow
  • red on white
  • yellow on red
  • white on red
  • yellow on brown
  • white on brown
  • brown on yellow
  • brown on white

If two colours blend in together too much and lack in contrast, it might be difficult for customers to see and read your advertisement from a distance.

Hence, the list above are a few suggested color combinations that you can opt for if you are unsure of what color combination is best for your signage.

  1. Type and font of signage

The common misconception many people have is that the message will be easier to read if the letters are all in capitals. However, full capitalization has been found to strain the eye.

Hence, you should vary in your upper and lowercase texts to reduce the eye strain on the customers and help them read the signage better.

The fonts you choose for your signage will also impact how well your customers can read the information about your product. You should choose a font that is clear and readable even from afar.  

Your message will also stand out if you use two fonts that complement each other well, however, two fonts should be the limit as too many types of fonts may cause eye strain.

  1. Color of the foreground/background

It is important to make sure that the background chosen for the signage does not drown out the primary focus of the advertisement, which is the main message. 

You should choose a background that contrasts greatly with the message and helps it stand out more. This is because the larger the contrast, the easier it is to see the message from a distance. 

White contrasts nicely with any dark hues, and black contrasts well with light colours. You can also refer to the colour combinations mentioned in the first point for your signage.

  1. Keep clutter to a minimum

Signage that is effective transmits a message in a clear and straightforward manner without any unnecessary information that may add to the clutter of the signage.

Having too many words or lines of text on your sign makes it difficult to read from afar as there is too much to focus on and the main message may be overlooked.

30-40 percent of the “white space”, the region of the signage that is not covered by text or graphics, should be left empty to ensure the best readability. 

  1. Graphics and images on the signage 

Another tip to creating effective signage is to add a border around the message as studies show that adding a border  can boost reading speed by up to 25%.

They help the eye focus on the message better and are commonly used on the roads that are intended for automobile traffic.

Other than that, inserting full-color digital photos such as visual illustrations and logos in your signage can help to aesthetically enhance the design and layout to appeal to the customers better.

  1. Make sure your signage is visible and readable

Like the saying “less is more”, it is highly recommended that you keep your main message simple. Your sign will be easier to observe and read at a glance if you keep your message concise.

The size of the signage is also an important factor to consider. Ensure that the size you choose is suitable for the distance from which your signage will be viewed.

You should also choose a strategic location to place your signage. The location should not have any obstacles that may block or hide the signage so that customers will be able to view it clearly.

In conclusion, there are plenty of tips on how to create an effective signboard for your business that you can follow.

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